I have been producing music, writing lyrics,  and making beats for over 10 years now. I am well versed in music theory, as I am attending the Berklee School of Music for a degree in Scoring. I have worked on many genres from Pop to Country to Hip-Hop, etc. I have worked on various types of projects as well like scoring for Video Games, Documentaries, Commercials, Jingles, Singles, and Albums.
I use various DAW systems and VST instruments pluggins to produce my music, including (but not limited to) Cubase, ProTools, Reason, Vienna Orchestra, and more. In addition I also play a multitude of instruments such as Piano, Flute, Guitar,  and I am a professionally trained vocalist. 

If there's one thing I have a passion for in life, it's music.
I would be honored to work on your project with you, because I know so very well what it is like to throw your whole self into your work.

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